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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) kids are growing up.

They grew eyebrows too

Did Agustus Gloop just Nevil Longbottum us??

no, but i think that Jordan Fry Nevil Longbottomed us

I think we missed the true Longbottom of this cast… Blair Dunlop

Dear god

What was in that chocolate and where can I get some

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When everyone was shouting King in the North, King in the North, I told myself… swore to myself… that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies… now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused?

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Osgood appreciation post

I think we all realise and agree on the fact that Osgood is meant to represent the fandom, and in particular the Doctor Who fangirl, a fact that made her very loved by a fraction of the fandom, who considers her a sort of our representative sent in the DW universe, like LINDA members and Malcolm Taylor (Planet of the dead) have been before her, while another part of the fandom deeply dislikes her, considering her to be an offensive mockery of female fans and a poorly made stereotype.
One criticism often addressed to her is her mantra “the Doctor will save me” as she is paralysed by fear in front of the Zygon, because this would make her a dependent and weak female model.
I would really like to have these people — who stigmatised her behaviour sitting comfortably in front of their computers — single-handedly face a monstrous, shape-shifting alien and see how fearless they are.
On Doctor Who we are used to characters who are brave to the point of unreality, so it was quite refreshing to see someone experience true, realistic, paralysing fear, like a normal person would… Well, at least I most certainly would.
It is strange how fandoms seem to be able to forgive several human flaws — even extreme ones — in characters, such as cruelty, rage, violence, excessive ambition, power thirst… but they seem so unforgiving when they witness fear, which is probably the most natural and instinctual feeling. Because an unwritten rule apparently says girls in TV shows and books have to be always strong and fearless.
Well, here is the news: most women (and men) in real life would get scared if they were attacked by a monster, get over it.
Also, Osgood fights back after the Zygon transforms, getting her inhalator back, so she isn’t so helpless, after all.

But that’s not the point of this post.

As I said before, we all know she represents the fandom, but I think a very few people realise at which extent she really is us, or actually the “ideal fan”.
It’s not about the “nerdy” facade, it’s not about her scarf and (most recently) converse and bow-tie, it’s not about her faith in the Doctor, it is about something more deep and meaningful.
What really makes Osgood a good character and a beautiful depiction of the fandom is the way she acts accordingly to the Doctor’s values. For a girl that has never been a companion and probably — before Day of the Doctor — had only read file and heard stories about him, she made one of the most Doctor-like gestures in the whole episode she was in: giving her Zygon replica the inhaler.

Why do I say so?
Because she had two other choices that could seem more convenient: to reveal the truth to Kate, stopping the negotiation and confronting the Zygons, or to keep quiet and hope the Zygon wouldn’t realise “she” was the copy.
But she chose to give the Zygon her inhaler. She chose to trust the creature.
She chose to empathise with the alien creature who previously scared her and mocked her, chose to be kind, compassionate and do what the Doctor would have: forgive and give it a second chance.
Because “the Doctor will save me” also means the Doctor taught her a way to save the day in her own way, discretely, on the background, when no one is watching.
And we all can do that: by being kind when no one would, by doing a small step when no one dares to make the first move, by being the Doctor in days it is impossible to be.

That’s what I truly mean when I say Osgood is the fandom.

WARNING: stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers about series 8.
Also the images and videos from the filming of the season finale seem to show a similar behaviour.
Of course, it’s pure speculation, but when we see the Doctor probably been put asleep by the UNIT, Osgood is the one kneeling by his side, and the Doctor seem to speak in her hear, as if he was sharing a secret, as if he knew he can trust her, because she will choose to do the right thing, like Malcolm Taylor in Planet of the Dead, who disobeyed orders and faced a gun to make sure the Doctor and the others could go out of the wormhole.

So, before you think Osgood is just a cute, funny character, or worse, an offensive portrayal of fans and women in general, please, check your records again, because, last time I checked, compassion, kindness and sense of justice were part of what this whole show is about.

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SPOILERS! twelve brings a spoon to a sword fight against robin hood [x]

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Sherlock and his nape curls1                      

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