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Hi! So, I've heard a lot about the Deca, and I know that Theta and Koschei and Ushas all knew each other back on Gallifrey, but what media is the whole thing from? And how much of it is canon/fanon? I'm just really curious and i want to know more about it.


The majority of the canon is from the past Doctor book Divided Loyalties. The middle part of that book is an extended flashback to the Deca, and the rest of it goes into them a bit too. Although fanon does ignore a few bits of Divided Loyalties, even though that’s where the main idea comes from. And reinterpret bits of it too (we in the Vansell fandom will spend a long time explaining how he’s a precious baby trying to do the right thing and Theta was a jerk to him).

As for the rest of canon, most of the Deca appeared in other things first, but just as Time Lords the Doctor knew; Divided Loyalties is the first (and only??) thing to mention the Deca. All the other information tends to be scattered around.

The Monk (Mortimus) first appears in The Time Meddler and it’s implied that he and the Doctor had never met before. He gets the name Mortimus in one of the novels, I think (possibly a comic? But not on the TV show).

The War Chief (Magnus) first appears in The War Games. He and the Doctor mention that they knew each other before, but don’t go into it. There’s information about his backstory and the reason for his feud with Theta in the comic Flashback, and again he gets the name Magnus in the EU.

Drax is from The Armageddon Factor and, other than the Master, was the first Time Lord to say on screen that they’d been at the Academy with the Doctor. Drax is the one who tells us they were in the Class of 92 together and the first person to use the nickname Theta Sigma.

The rest of the Deca don’t appear in the TV show. Vansell first appears in the Big Finish audio The Sirens of Time and doesn’t really interact with the Doctor at all in it. (Which makes me think that The Apocalypse Element, in which he has a much bigger role and it’s established that he knows the Doctor, was written before Divided Loyalties, even though Divided Loyalties came out first.) The Big Finish audio Neverland also mentions Vansell and the Doctor’s time in the Academy a bit.

The other three members of the Deca, Rallon, Millennia and Jelpax only appear in Divided Loyalties. (It was implied that Jelpax was the Time Lord at the start of Genesis of the Daleks, but this was retconned later.) The Celestial Toymaker goes into the Doctor’s first visit to the toyroom though, which Rallon and Millennia accompany him on in Divided Loyalties.

And I thiiink that’s basically it. Hope this helps!

EDIT: Also it’s generally accepted fanon that several members of the Deca had a crush on Theta.

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If this was Classic Who we’d never see Clara again.

if this was Big Finish we’d see her for a heartbreaking season finale and THEN never see her again because she’s dead in some gruesome and unfair way

if this was big finish she’d come back in a mid-season two parter with the meddling monk and then would have the most terrifyingly sad series finale imaginable


If it was in New Adventures she’d fall into a Loom and become Cousin Innocet and Penelope Gate at the same time and discover she’s pregnant with the Other, who is also Grandfather Paradox and the Red Guardian of Justice

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(Fonte: romanovsa)

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Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.



This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.



Cuddly pansexual here <3

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  • Clara touched Young!Hartnell’s hair!
  • It’s the same barn from The Day of the Doctor!
  • At the End, The War Doctor went home, to where he started!
  • To the place he would hide as a kid when he wanted no one to see him
  • The scene in the barn: I love that it’s so ambiguous!
  • Who are those two adults?

The gentle woman outside the barn must be Cousin Innocet <3 With this episode Moffat succeeded in reconciling RTD’s TV canon with Platt’s novel Lungbarrow and that’s AMAZING.

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Headcanon time


When River came back to the Library after saying goodbye to the Doctor on Trenzalore, she found a new book had been added to the data core.
The book looked just like her diary and was filled with pictures and messages from people she had met during her life: university friends, students,…



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The Ultimate Time Lord: Peter’s like the annoyed older brother, Sylv and Colin are the troublesome middle children who can’t shut up, and Paul’s the kid brother who watches the ridiculous antics of his siblings with rapt attention.

This is so cute

They are so incredibly funny I would like to hug them all <3

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Isn’t weird that in this episode there are two reference at two of the most famous Robin Williams’s movie?
The episode was filmed months before his death.
Could be coincidences, but rarely the universe is so lazy (cit.)

May I think the Doctor come from the future to say to Moffat to onorate Robin Williams’s death???

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