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Drunk!Rumple: Dark Castle edition 

DUDE!!!! This is almost word for word a scene I have written for a story I have yet to post!

Except it leads to Rumbelle sexy times, but still, it’s like you crawled into my brain and drew it!

Post by foxmurphy (via cubocantagallo)
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Today’s theme is Doctors Driving! And there’s no better place to start than with the most vehicularly-inclined Doctor, Three :)

Post by doctorwhogifs (via doctorwhogifs)
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Classic Companions brought back by Russell T. Davies

So precious!!!!

Post by burntlikethesun (via youre-standing-on-my-scarf)
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Animated Doctor Who meets Tim Burton

Original Illustrations by Michael Kenny

best thing I’ve ever seen

(Fonte: invertiv)

Post by invertiv (via life-art-fitness)
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The first face this face saw.


(Fonte: petercapaldiiiiiiii)

Post by petercapaldiiiiiiii (via her-face-is-her-work-of-fiction)
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Seems like Clara is dressing like Sarah Jane.

Post by her-face-is-her-work-of-fiction (via her-face-is-her-work-of-fiction)
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One of my favourite Time Lords EVER.

One of my favourite Time Lords EVER.

Post by classicwhovianproblems (via classicwhovianproblems)
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(Fonte: fyeahmalcola)

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Malcola Moments"I don’t do lifts; I’m claustrophobic."

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Malcola Moments “Sorry, I have to go; I’m being car-jacked by a Jock. Car-Jocked.”

Post by fyeahmalcola (via fyeahmalcola)
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